Curious and Chic is a lifestyle blog, each and every blog post is written with care and love. Curious and Chic is formed, edited, contributed, and promoted by Zeynep Suslu. You can find articles on topics A to Z, with different viewpoints and different emotions.

I write to express myself, I write to reach, and I write to teach. I believe every word itself has tremendous impact on human psychology, and therefore, is priceless.

Sometimes a sprinkle of inspiration hits me, I call it the muse. When it does, I grab my laptop and begin typing. Sometimes I delete, and sometimes I stare awkwardly at the screen for forty freaking minutes. When the article is finally ready to be published, I post it on C&C and stare another awkward forty minutes on stats page, waiting for a click 🙂

This is how important my readers are for me.

I hope you’ll like what you will find on this blog.

Enjoy reading 🙂