Negative Out, Positive In

In Product Development class, our professor told us to draw our class partner’s face. We started drawing, it was both humiliating and funny to see a bunch of businesspeople trying to do art. We only had 10-15 seconds and sentences like “omg!”, “I am so sorry.”, “I don’t wanna offend you”, and “I swear this is not how you look”, were flying around. After this torturous 15 seconds passed, the professor told us how he heard sorrys through the entire time. He asked: “Would a 5-year-old apologize if he/she drew you?” Continue reading “Negative Out, Positive In”


3 Pillars of Being an Entrepreneur

The definition of an entrepreneur differs in dictionaries, articles, and books, depending on the context. When you google the word “Entrepreneur” this is what it will come up with: “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” And, let me tell you my friends, this definition merely covers a businessman.

I think “Entrepreneur” is more than that. The best definition that fits the word Entrepreneur is this : “An innovator or developer who recognizes and seizes opportunities; converts those opportunities into workable/marketable ideas; adds value through time, effort, money, or skills; and assumes the risks of the competitive marketplace to implement these ideas. The entrepreneur is a catalyst for economic change who uses purposeful searching, careful planning, and sound judgement when carrying out the entrepreneurial process. The entrepreneur – uniquely optimistic and committed – works creatively to establish new resources or endow old ones with new capacity, all for the purpose of creating wealth.” 

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10 things you probably don’t know about me

I know it sounds silly but many people have given me this suggestion so I decided to give it a go. Besides, I think that it would be better if you knew more about the author of the articles you have been reading. 🙋🏻


These are 10 things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I love to cook and to bake🥗 🥘🍰🍪
    • If I am up at 3 am in the morning and singing, that’s probably because I am making cookies.
  2. I speak 6 languages🗣👄
    • Yep, you read it right, six languages. Turkish, English, Russian, Kazakh, Polish, and Japanese.
  3. I have lived in 5 countries🇰🇿🇹🇷🇺🇸🇵🇱🇲🇲
    • Adventures of Zeyka: I was born Turkey, I grew up in Kazakhstan, graduated high school in Myanmar, and started college in Poland, lastly, continuing college in Kansas City, MO, USA.
  4. I am a cat person, & had 3 cats😻 😼 😽
    • They were the smartest beings that had the purest form of love I have come across.
  5. My dream is to launch a café + boutique 👯
    • I love cozy environments that give a feeling of sweet happiness and makes a use of a “me time” everyone tries to have. So, I want to make this feeling available for everyone in one place by presenting/pursuing  both of my passions in one place: Baking & Crafts
  6. I love riding bikes🚴🏻‍♀️ 🚴🏻
    • I once fell off a bike and hurt myself really bad, but I am too rebel to take lessons. I have biked in heavy rain, heavy sunshine, and heavy storm. The windier it gets the harder I press the pedals.
  7. I read nearly 100 pages/day👁👩🏻‍💻📚 📖
    • The more I read the more I need. I read at least 30 pages religiously. I read 3-5 pages from Russian, Kazakh, Polish, and Japanese books. And I read 10-20 pages of Business books. Add all the news and blogs.
  8. I launched my business last summer🎊
    • Hurraayyy! Basically I sell cross stitched and embroidered products, and other hand-made accessories on Etsy
  9. Which reminds me, I love crafting🎀
    • What is the one thing that would cheer you up no matter what? For me it’s crafting, I could do crafts all day long.  I wouldn’t mind spending hours in a hobby store.
  10. And lastly, I chose to wear hijab, no one forced me to. 👳🏻‍♀️
    • I know this is a sensitive topic, but I needed to make it clear for everyone who was wondering.


Hey! if you came this far, thank you for reading. Please shoot your ideas  in comments 😉

Just give me a reason, little bit’s enough

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” says Nietzsche, German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, and philologist. Most of the time what we do is of no importance, but why we do it is priceless. Just like that, an abstract why is more significant than a tangible what.


To have a why is to have a reason, or a goal. It is to have a star you watch every night, the star that you want to raise your hand and touch, but is too far away. Then, it seems impossible to reach that star, but how can you say the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon?

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A Vague Business Concept You Didn’t Realize You Need to Know

Have you ever put together an IKEA furniture? Well, I have. It is as much complicated as it is fun. There is this pile of boxes, instructions, and images. You attach little pieces one by one going step by step. And, if you do everything correctly, those little pieces become a household appliance that will be a very good use to you. On the contrary, if you do it wrong, you will have to break down all those pieces apart like jenga woods and go to step one, tail chase.


This is what business is like. Except, you don’t get any instructions, tools, images, or a help guide. Continue reading “A Vague Business Concept You Didn’t Realize You Need to Know”

Living in a book

Today, for the first time in a long time, I went to a bookstore and got me some books. Since I moved to Oklahoma City I was dying to go to a bookstore, but never actually had the chance. So, after breakfast, I begged my dad to take me book-shopping, and he couldn’t reject his favorite daughter, he took me there 🙂 .

They say “never judge a book by its cover” but somehow, unintentionally it is what happens with most of us. We go to a bookstore and search for a book, whichever catches our attention the first/most, we approach for it. It was what happened with me too. I didn’t have a book list to search exactly for a book, I was only searching for a book that I could enjoy.

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WordPress Anniversary

Some days ago, I have received an e-mail from WordPress celebrating our first anniversary. 🙂 I was shocked at first, knowing a year has passed since I have launched this blog. A big. damn. year. Not too long after, I was embarrassed of myself, knowing that I have only published around ten blog posts.

I had a dream you know, I launched this blog with passion,  with determination. Where the hell has that determination gone?

I set plans, do my tasks, and I give my best. But lately, I get the feeling of having A LOT on my plate. And big full plate of responsibilities and plans for myself dragged me down. But don’t get me wrong, not because my plate was full, but because I haven’t really adapted a new lifestyle for my plate standards. I can be in one place, but  I tried to be everywhere. I have 24 hours a day, I thought I had more. I can never be educated enough, I supposed my knowledge would suffice. Do you get this?

If you do, and if you feel the same sometimes, here’s a tip: you better change your lifestyle.

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