How do I spend my summer?

JUNE usually passes extremely fast. We get prepared for our vacations. We usually go to Turkey. This year was different though; we came to Turkey earlier than before. When we are in Turkey, we visit our relatives who are in different cities (which is awesome because I love road trips and being to and seeing other places) and spend some time with them. If we have some more time we go to a hotel to rest and have fun (because we love swimming, and there are wonderful aqua parks!).

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Is summer my fave?

Summer is almost here. So, as always I was making my monthly plans and suddenly a question hit my mind –“is summer my favorite?” many of you would have asked the same or a similar question to yourselves, let’s dig it up then.

“Winter is a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I’ll be a happy snowman!” says Olaf, which revokes the feeling that each season is good in its own, but summer particularly is good-er.

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