Just give me a reason, little bit’s enough

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” says Nietzsche, German philosopher, cultural critic, poet, and philologist. Most of the time what we do is of no importance, but why we do it is priceless. Just like that, an abstract why is more significant than a tangible what.


To have a why is to have a reason, or a goal. It is to have a star you watch every night, the star that you want to raise your hand and touch, but is too far away. Then, it seems impossible to reach that star, but how can you say the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon?

To have a why is to have a belief. In God, in yourself, or in an idea. Something that keeps you from the stupidities of the reality and makes you focus on more important things. Those important things are the byproducts of your belief. Because importance of things is made up of our priorities and moral/ethical choices. Our beliefs are not private, so are our why’s.


To have a why is, in essence, to have a home. One that differs you from the others, a memory, or a place you look back to. A quote from your childhood that affects your actions today. A warning from your parents, or a lecture from your teachers…


Too much detail I guess, alright I will keep it short.


In real life, we give too much attention to how’s. And when we give too much attention to something, they start controlling us. It is supposed to be the other way around. Because when how’s get bad, or unexpected, we can’t focus on anything else. There comes the why’s. Why do you do that? Why did you start? Why didn’t you give up?


If our why’s are strong enough, how’s – situations, won’t matter. Because now you’ll know that no matter what happens you will stick to your why and you will be okay.


People need a reminder for that.

That’s what I did



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