Tips on what to do in your free time

Some times we really WASTE our precious time. Summer is here and I know, sometimes summer can make feel so empty and boring because we usually have not much to do.

Therefore I always try finding ways of not wasting my precious time. If you are feeling the same way, here are some tips:

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How do I spend my summer?

JUNE usually passes extremely fast. We get prepared for our vacations. We usually go to Turkey. This year was different though; we came to Turkey earlier than before. When we are in Turkey, we visit our relatives who are in different cities (which is awesome because I love road trips and being to and seeing other places) and spend some time with them. If we have some more time we go to a hotel to rest and have fun (because we love swimming, and there are wonderful aqua parks!).

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Is summer my fave?

Summer is almost here. So, as always I was making my monthly plans and suddenly a question hit my mind –“is summer my favorite?” many of you would have asked the same or a similar question to yourselves, let’s dig it up then.

“Winter is a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I’ll be a happy snowman!” says Olaf, which revokes the feeling that each season is good in its own, but summer particularly is good-er.

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How to make origami butterflies?


These wonderful and easily made butterflies can be used everywhere. You can use them as your home decorations, on your desk, you can even hang them to the ceiling to make your living room feel Spring and open up its arms to Summer.

Lovely origami butterflies are so fun to make and extremely easy than it seems. It might seem challenging but, once you make one butterfly you will do the second willingly  I guarantee. 🙂

Here are my step-by-step guide to How-to make an Origami Butterfly:

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About me

I am a sixteen-year-old high school grad and hopefully will be starting university in coming October. I like and prioritize learning and I would love to share it all with you. I also like trying new things.

I was born on 1999 in Konya, Turkey. We then moved to Kazakhstan and I studied my primary, secondary and high school there.

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