WordPress Anniversary

Some days ago, I have received an e-mail from WordPress celebrating our first anniversary. 🙂 I was shocked at first, knowing a year has passed since I have launched this blog. A big. damn. year. Not too long after, I was embarrassed of myself, knowing that I have only published around ten blog posts.

I had a dream you know, I launched this blog with passion,  with determination. Where the hell has that determination gone?

I set plans, do my tasks, and I give my best. But lately, I get the feeling of having A LOT on my plate. And big full plate of responsibilities and plans for myself dragged me down. But don’t get me wrong, not because my plate was full, but because I haven’t really adapted a new lifestyle for my plate standards. I can be in one place, but  I tried to be everywhere. I have 24 hours a day, I thought I had more. I can never be educated enough, I supposed my knowledge would suffice. Do you get this?

If you do, and if you feel the same sometimes, here’s a tip: you better change your lifestyle.

I always considered myself as a planner. Just sometimes, life comes to a point that your plans are no longer effective enough. At that point, my friend, I run for help.

Starting today, I will develop a brand new and improved multi-tasking day plan. And I will integrate and try to adapt to it for a week. No matter if I will be successful implementing my plan or not, I will share my experience with you.

And if you have any ideas how to keep my sanity with busy day planners just comment them down below.

btw–I have launched an online store. It is all about handmade crafts and my designs. It is  new and I’m an amateur so don’t expect much, but I will be happy if you’d visit it sometime and leave a feedback.

Here’s a link to it –> click here

Thank you for reading, take care!


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