Teen Entrepreneur’s Ice Cream Business

For a long time I’ve been told that I can’t do things, because I was “just a kid” or I was “not old enough”. These comments that I was getting lead me to a point where I gave up on myself. Until recently, I was googling about entrepreneurs I found a site where there was written stories of teen entrepreneurs. All of them was pretty interesting but I was totally amazed when I read Grace Connor’s.

Grace Conner is from Boston and she is 17 years old (same as me 🙂 ) and is the founder and owner of little g ice cream co. She was diagnosed with brain tumour at the age 15, which was removed successfully. After that it was a long recovery, it wasn’t instantly better. When she first started having symptoms she wasn’t feeling well a lot, she would come home from school and the happiest place for her was in the kitchen.  It helped her take her mind off being sick.

She was making her own ice cream since she was a kid, but when she started staying in the kitchen longer, it was form of a therapy for her. That is when she decided to start a business, her main aim wasn’t to make profit but to share her ice cream with other people. Ice cream is her favourite food, which makes her happy. She says: “Something that I work so hard to make to see other people enjoy that is really rewarding.”

She got her first breakthrough after asking a small grocery store to sell her products. Her business has been booming ever since! She is not only a teen entrepreneur but also she is donating her ice cream to patients at a local cancer center.

Her story made me realize how worthless other people’s opinions over me are. There is no age of doing what you want to do and if you work for it you can do it.

You can watch her video here.


10 thoughts on “Teen Entrepreneur’s Ice Cream Business

  1. This is such an inspiring story. You’ll never be “old enough” to know what you want in some people’s eyes. Trust me, i’m 23 and I still don’t know what I need, according to some.


  2. It is so inspiring for so many people, not just young people, but for others who want to start their own business. It proves that you just need the heart to do what you are passionate about.


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