The Chronicles of Ramadan


Finally it is Ramadan – the month of spiritual discipline, by fasting, abstinence and prayer during daylight hours. Ramadan is really important for us, and that’s why it is said that “Ramadan is the sultan of eleven months.”

In the evenings, Muslims gather for a special prayer called Tarawih. Then, at night we have Sahoor – the breakfast before sunrise. Muslims do not eat or drink from sunup to sundown during Ramadan, so their first meal of the day is eaten very early. As long as the sun is in the sky, able-bodied Muslims refrain from food, drink and sexual intercourse. This is meant to be a time of mental, spiritual and physical purification. Fasting ends at sunset with dates and a meal – Iftar.


Muslims use the lunar calendar of 354 days. Ramadan is the ninth month. Since lunar calendar is shorter than 365-day solar year, Ramadan occurs earlier each year in the Western calendar.


On the 27th day of Ramadan, the Qur’an, the sacred book of Islam, began to be revealed to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Why Fast?

Because it is the religious duty of Muslims specified in the Qur’an. Fasting purifies body and strengthens individual’s faith, and creates a common bond with the poor. Which, in fact promotes us to help others more.

What do we do?                                          

Zakat (almsgiving) is one of the pillars of Islam. In aim to do Zakat, giving to good causes and generosity to neighbors, in short, charity is encouraged.

Ramadan is a wonderful time for spiritual devotion. Muslims focus on prayer and reading the Qur’an, as the holy book was revealed during this month.

Throughout the month, Muslims also request forgiveness for their sins, pray for direction and assistance in abstaining from temptation and trouble, cleanse themselves through self-control and acts of faith.

“RAMADAN is time to empty your stomach to feed your soul”

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