How do I spend my summer?

JUNE usually passes extremely fast. We get prepared for our vacations. We usually go to Turkey. This year was different though; we came to Turkey earlier than before. When we are in Turkey, we visit our relatives who are in different cities (which is awesome because I love road trips and being to and seeing other places) and spend some time with them. If we have some more time we go to a hotel to rest and have fun (because we love swimming, and there are wonderful aqua parks!).

We usually settle in a district of Konya, a city in central Turkey, because my granddad and grandma are living there. They have a small, warm and lovely home with a garden full of herbs and scented flowers. It is really nice sitting in the garden and listening to the birds’ chirping.

Ramadan this year will be between June 6 and July 5 if I’m not wrong. We will be fasting in this period of time (I am a Muslim and proud of being a Muslim). Hopefully I will be sharing my Ramadan adventures with you and so you will know how is a day of Ramadan in Turkey.

JULY is usually the time we go back home, but not this year. I probably will be here. I’m planning to learn a new language and read a lot.

AUGUST yaaaay! August 1st is my birthday and I will be turning 17.

Even though August is the last month of summer, it is usually the hottest. Thanks God we have ice creams and cold drinks to cool us down.

My plan for this month again is to read a lot and continue learning the language I chose. As always I will try learning new things everyday and will try new things too. I will share every one of them with you. If you like them, you will try them too.

This is pretty much how I spend my summer, if you have any questions shoot them.

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Thank you.



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