How to make origami butterflies?


These wonderful and easily made butterflies can be used everywhere. You can use them as your home decorations, on your desk, you can even hang them to the ceiling to make your living room feel Spring and open up its arms to Summer.

Lovely origami butterflies are so fun to make and extremely easy than it seems. It might seem challenging but, once you make one butterfly you will do the second willingly  I guarantee. 🙂

Here are my step-by-step guide to How-to make an Origami Butterfly:

Step 1:

Take a square paper (small one is recommended) and fold it as the lines above show.

Step 2:

Open it up and fold again.

Step 3:

Open it up again and squeeze the marked sides in.

Step 4:

After you finish Step 3, your paper will look like this. Now, fold the indicated parts up and meet their corners on the very top of the triangle.

Step 5:

I guess now our origami starts to look like what it is going to become. Next, you should rotate it 180 degrees so that bottom is up.

Step 6:

Now you start getting a proper butterfly resemblance. Next is to turn to its back.

Step 7:

Next is to give our butterfly the lower wings (she already had the upper wings ;)) We will now fold the corner in the bottom and pull it up so that the corner is higher than the line. Fold it over the line and stick it there.

Step 8:

Now that we have the bottom corner up,we will fold it over the line and stick it there.

Step 9:

The last magic touch our beautiful butterfly needs is to be folded slightly inwards.

You made it!

I told you it was going to be easy, right?

Now you can make as much as you like and decorate your home with these cuties.

If you have any questions, comment them down below and don’t forget to like and share.

See you later!



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